New Year, New Opportunities: 4 Manufacturing Trends to Expect for 2015

With the New Year here, now is the time to look back on past challenges and past success—but even more importantly, look ahead toward the future. The manufacturing industry is still seeing continued growth, innovation, and rebirth. U.S. manufacturing is … Continue reading

Aging Equipment Could Reverse Manufacturing’s Recovery

  There’s a universal fact that all American manufacturers can celebrate: in recent years, the industry has made an incredible comeback. Reshoring steadily continues, while manufacturers of all sizes are making the decision to start from scratch on American soil. … Continue reading

5 Ways Young People Can Prepare for Rewarding Manufacturing Careers

In our last blog, we discussed the manufacturing industry’s skilled labor shortage—the fact that 600,000 manufacturing jobs are currently unfilled, while the majority of manufacturing companies report a major shortage of workers, and expect it to get worse. While manufacturing … Continue reading

Bridging the Manufacturing Skills Gap: The Key to Our Country’s Prosperity

Manufacturing: the backbone of the economy, and the life source of American consumers. It’s responsible for every single thing we rely on daily, from the food we eat to the electronics we count on to the medical devices that save … Continue reading

Celebrating, Promoting, and Encouraging American Manufacturing

When you think about American manufacturing, the industry that is truly the backbone of our economy, and the reason behind all of the innovation and technology that exists today, consider these facts: “In 2013, manufacturers contributed $2.08 trillion to the … Continue reading

Why aren’t More Women in Manufacturing?

Here in the manufacturing industry, there is a new segment of workers that is being targeted. That is, more companies are looking at how to attract women to take on manufacturing-related jobs. Historically, manufacturing has been a male-dominated field, with … Continue reading

American Manufacturing’s Recovery: Why it’s Happening and Why it’s Real

For the past year, the conversation surrounding U.S. manufacturing has been focused on its recovery—with many people going so far as to call it a renaissance. Companies of all sizes are increasingly reshoring—returning business to American soil—and many domestic startups … Continue reading

Did you Know?: Complete Custom Machine Building Services

You may know Astro Machine Works for our line of individual services, such as high-quality welding or 5-axis machining. Perhaps you’ve come to rely on our reverse engineering services, or even our machine repair. But did you know that we … Continue reading

Astro Machine is a Finalist for the Governor’s ImPact Awards

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of our country and is in the midst of a major comeback. As a result, the economy is improving, more Americans are finding rewarding employment, and small businesses around the country are showcasing innovation … Continue reading

Astro Machine Works, Inc. to Showcase their Capabilities at DOE’14

[Capabilities/Services/Quality] on Display at Booth # 120 Ephrata, PA., May 13, 2014 – Astro Machine Works, Inc. today announced its participation as Exhibitor at the 13th Annual Department of Energy Small Business Forum & Expo taking place on June 10 … Continue reading