Astro Machine Works, Inc. Named Finalist for The Governor’s ImPAct Awards for the Second Year in A Row

Astro Machine Works Inc, in Ephrata, PA, is honored to be elected for the Governor’s ImPAct award for the second year in a row. Our company prides itself in developing new capabilities, customer relationships and employee engagement and support throughout … Continue reading

Why STEM Education and Building a Skilled Workforce are Crucial

American manufacturing is seeing a major comeback. Small and large companies alike are returning business to U.S. soil and putting real efforts into reshoring. For the first time in a decade, true growth is being seen in the industry, and … Continue reading

Enhanced Quality Control: Our New, Sophisticated CMM

At Astro Machine Works, we believe technology and innovation are the foundations of quality manufacturing and are some of the biggest reasons why this country’s manufacturing industry is as good as it is. Therefore, we are always focused on advancing … Continue reading

Robotics and Manufacturing: The Technology of the Future is Here Today

Remember, not so long ago, when robots lived in the realm of science fiction, cartoons, and/or the very distant future? It seems the future is here, robots are decidedly real, and like it or not, their presence in manufacturing is … Continue reading

Astro Machine Works Adds CMM for Increased Quality Control

(Ephrata, PA) 1/23/14 Astro Machine Works Inc., located in Ephrata PA, has installed an Omni-Tech refurbished 20.12.10 LK G80C Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to add to their Inspection room for increased Quality Control. The newly upgraded LK CMM was built with … Continue reading

Manufacturing Day 2013: A Great Success!

As many in the industry are aware, October 4, 2013 marked the second annual Manufacturing Day, and it was a great success. Sponsored by the National Association of Manufacturers and other leading industry groups, it was a day dedicated to … Continue reading

Celebrating the Importance of American Made

Following the great success of Manufacturing Day—which celebrated the importance of American Manufacturing—the next important event which we all should celebrate is American Made Matters Day, this November 19th. Sponsored by American Made Matters®, an organization aimed at getting Americans … Continue reading

The Government Shutdown and Private Contractors

When the clock struck 12:00am on October 1, 2013, much of the U.S. federal government shut down. What this means is that many of those who work for and with the federal government are now left in limbo. According to … Continue reading

The 3D Printing Revolution

These days when you do search engine news search for “printing,” odds are you are going to get a lot of stories about 3D printing. Known officially as additive manufacturing, 3D printing has been around for at least three decades … Continue reading

Astro has Less Stress with our Newest Machine

Who can weld and stress relieve all at the same time? That would be us, here at Astro Machine Works, thanks to the newest capability added to our shop floor, the Meta-Lax® stress relief system. We have long been able … Continue reading